Who is Tyler Gaffaney?

Am I secretly a world famous hand model? 
Do I know pi to 1,000 places? 
Can I fold a fitted sheet? 

Sadly, the answer to all the above is no. But, here’s a list of 10 things about me that are actually true. 

The brainchild of my basketball nerdity

The brainchild of my basketball nerdity

  1. I’m a professional basketball player for CB Morón, a team in the Leb Silver league and located in southern Spain. 
  2. Sometimes I’m wrong. Shocking, right? That someone on the internet might admit that they’re wrong? I’m constantly learning, updating drills, finding new research. The side effect of always learning is that I sometimes find something that contradicts what I’ve said in the past. I love when that happens because it means I'm growing. . 

  3. I consider my desire to absorb information to be the number 1 reason for my success. When my coaches spoke, I listened. When they told me I needed to be disciplined in my workouts, I started writing down training plans. When they told me I needed to get physically stronger, I hit the weight room and added 15 lbs of muscle. When they told me I needed to be louder on the court, I yelled until I lost my voice.

  4. For years, I kept a purple binder stuffed to the gills of notes, drills, exercises, out of bounds plays, or any random basketball thoughts that jumped into my mind. (I’ve since gone digital, transferring them to a file on my computer I’ve entitled the “HoopGains Bible.").

  5. There’s nothing better than going down basketball YouTube rabbit hole. I’m the guy that will decide to watch a quick compilation of Brad Stevens baseline out of bounds plays as I eat lunch. 6 videos and 2 hours later,  I've ended up watching a coaching clinic on how to teach post moves, Steve Nash passing highlights and a roundtable discussion on motor learning (those YouTube suggestions are scary, it’s like they’re reading my mind).

  6. 6. I prefer to listen rather than talk. This may seem strange because I’m writing a blog for anyone to read, but it’s true. It’s a challenge for me to continuously share my thoughts because my instinct is to reflect upon and analyze ideas rather than share them publicly.
  7. I’m a closet nerd. I love to read both fantasy and personal development books. Since graduating, I find myself even more motivated to learn. Whenever I have a free moment, I’m either reading articles on my phone or listening to a podcast. 

  8. Speaking of podcasts, I absolutely love them. Some of my favorites: Revisionist History, The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick, Hardwood Hustle, Breakthrough Basketball, Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais, Freakonomics Radio, The Lowe Post, Ted Radio Hour, Hidden Brain, Invisibilia. 

  9. I love the outdoors. Recently I’ve grown to love being in nature, exploring new trails and simply being outside. It’s refreshing. I spend a lot of time in gyms and weight rooms, so it’s nice to get outside.

  10. “Success is not an accident. Success is a choice.” This quote is so inspiring to me that I had it inscribed it on a wristband and wear it most days.

  11. Bonus! Top 5 favorite movies: Anchorman, Gladiator, Tropic Thunder, Remember the Titans, Blood Diamond.

Professional Accomplishments

  • 2015-2016 (El Olivar)
    • 2nd team all Leb Silver
    • Led the league in 3 pt field goal % (48.4)
    • Per game stats: 12 pts, 3.6 reb, 2.7 ast, 12.6 valoration


Collegiate Accomplishments

  • 2011-2012
    • 1st team all Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC)
  • 2012-2013
    • Medical Redshirt (Torn Patellar Tendon)
  • 2013-2014
    • Player of the Year (POY) in SCIAC
    • 1st team all-Western Region
    • Academic all-District Team
  • 2014-2015
    • 2nd Team All-American
    • Academic All-American
    • All-Western Region POY
    • Scored 1,500th career point
    • 2014-15: 22.9 ppg, 54.3% FG, 45.9% 3FG, 84.3 FT%, 6.4 RPG, 3.8 APG